We Remove Groundhogs Found on Your Property. Our Trained Network of Experts Will Trap and Remove Groundhogs.

Groundhog removal is a specialty of Wildlife Controllers's field technicians. Woodchucks, commonly known as groundhogs, are excellent diggers. They construct an underground maze of tunnels. They can dig near or beneath building structures, causing foundations to weaken. Groundhogs are herbivores known to attack gardens and devour crops. Wildlife Controllers wildlife removal services connect you with trained and Experienced Professionals To Tackle Your Wildlife Interactions With Groundhogs in a professional manner. Groundhogs are removed safely and released into the wild. Wildlife Controllers provides the best wildlife removal services for groundhogs. To hire the Best Groundhog Removal Services, contact Wildlife Controllers by calling us at 877-540-4156.  You will get a quick response from professionals who are looking forward to helping you resolve your groundhog removal problems.

Groundhog Removal

Groundhog Removal Service Near Me

Wildlife Controllers provides the most popular groundhog removal services near you. Contact Wildlife Controllers's expert for groundhog & Skunk Removal Services Near You. Wildlife Controllers has a team that is both knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with groundhog removal services.  Ask Wildlife Controllers if you are in need of groundhog removal service.

Groundhog Removal Cost

Because groundhogs are only found in yards and unfinished plumbing areas, groundhog expulsion fees can be costly. Wildlife Controllers offers Groundhog Removal At A Very Reasonable Price. Choose Wildlife Controllers for groundhog removal at a low cost. Wildlife Controllers always gives the best service to its clients.

Get Rid of Groundhogs

Groundhogs are creatures that, despite their small size, can cause a lot of damage to your garden. Groundhogs may ruin your lawn's root system while digging their underground tunnels. Getting Rid of Groundhogs As Soon As Possible can ensure minimum damage to your property. Contact Wildlife Controllers for experts in the wildlife removal industry. To get rid of groundhogs, call today.

get rid of groundhogs

Remove Groundhogs Under A Shed Or Porch

Groundhogs, sometimes known as woodchucks, are ground squirrels who live beneath your yard. Groundhogs are relatives to the bushy-tailed grey squirrel.  They often remain in their underground burrows but are not limited to their gloomy tunnels.  They also climb and swim, allowing them to survive in almost any climate or habitat. Trapping And Removing Groundhogs From Beneath Your Porch Or Shed is one of the best methods to get rid of them in a safe manner. Groundhogs are extremely difficult to remove, and it is strongly advised that you contact an expert to handle the situation. Call Wildlife Controllers for removal of groundhogs under a shed or porch. To schedule a meeting call at 877-540-4156.

Groundhog Control Services

Groundhog control services are offered by Wildlife Controllers. Groundhog control is very important because groundhogs will wreak havoc on your garden, devouring any vegetable roots they come across. One of the signs of groundhog infestation, is garden plants begin to die. Wildlife Controllers has Qualified Experts of Groundhog Control Services throughout the city. Contact Wildlife Controllers at once to minimize your loss and get rid of the groundhog quickly. Call 877-540-4156 to book an appointment for groundhog control services by Wildlife Controllers.

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Groundhog Trapping

A live groundhog trap is the most effective technique to get rid of groundhogs from your yard. Stay safe and hire an expert to set up these groundhog trapping devices. Groundhogs are trapped and securely released far away from your property Using Groundhog Trapping Procedures. Wildlife Controllers provides safe and effective removal of groundhogs.

Groundhog FAQ

Where do Groundhogs Live?

Groundhogs can be found in most of the central and eastern United States as well as parts of Alaska and Canada. Groundhogs are known as an "edge" species. They prefer areas where forests or woodland meet a well-vegetated open meadow or field. Groundhogs spend their time underground in elaborate burrow systems that they dig in well-drained soil. Groundhogs tend to dig their burrows in areas that have nearby cover, such as trees and buildings, hedgerows, fencerows, and structures.

What Attracts Groundhogs to the Yard?

Groundhogs are attracted to your yard primarily because they have food. Groundhogs are herbivores, meaning they eat mainly plant matter. Although clover and alfalfa are their favorite foods, they will eat almost any plant, including grass, weeds and fruits. Groundhogs eat a lot, almost anything, to gain enough weight to sustain them during hibernation. They also leave a lot behind.

How do Groundhogs Dig Holes in the Ground?

Groundhogs spend their time underground burrows, which can reach as deep as 6 feet. Underground burrows can have many entrances and exits. It is therefore very difficult to trap groundhogs if you don't have the right knowledge and experience. Groundhogs are very clean. Groundhogs dig a tunnel that is just a few feet from their main tunnel. This tunnel is used exclusively as a latrine. They seal the latrine once it is full and dig another one elsewhere. The main burrow is used to raise children, sleep, and hide. They are remarkably organized.

What does a groundhog look and feel like?

Groundhogs have long tails like squirrels. When they stand on their hind legs, these round creatures look like little bears. Groundhogs have sharp claws, which they use to dig large burrows in ground. Groundhogs' incisors will grow each week during the warmer months to keep up with their increased food intake. Two layers of fur are common for groundhogs: the outer layer is for waterproofing and the inner layer is for keeping their body warm.

Are groundhogs aggressive or peaceful?

Groundhogs are not known for their aggressive behavior. However, they can cause havoc in a garden if they are really have an appetite. Groundhogs are known to be binge eaters. They will eat whatever food is available. Groundhog visits can also be seen if you outside of a yard. Groundhogs can sometimes gnaw at trees and claw at them. These groundhogs can also cause serious damage. They seem to keep coming back to the same trees over and again. This can have a negative impact on your trees growth and health.

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