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Possums are excellent climbers and will reside in whatever shelter they can find.  This includes attics, raised structures, sheds, and porches. Opossums are adaptable and persistent creatures. They will scavenge anything they can and will frequently rummage through garbage and even eat your pet's food. Wildlife Controllers Wildlife Removal Service Providers have highly skilled and experienced professionals to tackle your wildlife interactions with opossums in a professional manner.  Hire experts who safely remove opossums and release them into the wild, far from your property. Wildlife Controllers provides the best wildlife removal services Albuquerque, New Mexico for opossum removal in Albuquerque. Another common issue is opossum babies may become loose in the attic and tumble down into the walls of your home.  Their rotting bodies can cause a foul smell if not properly dealt with. To Hire The Best Opossum Removal in Albuquerque, New Mexico, contact Wildlife Controllers by calling 877-540-4156. Connect with a highly experienced staff who will respond quickly.  Resolve your opossum problem before it is too late.

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Wildlife Controllers provides the best opossum removal services near you in Albuquerque. Contact Wildlife Controllers's expert if you require Opossum Removal Services Near you. Wildlife Controllers has a team that is both qualified and skilled in dealing with opossum removal services. They are well-versed in their fields and take care of any wildlife infestations. Hire Wildlife Controllers for opossum removal service in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Albuquerque Animal Control Opossum Removal

Opossums react dangerously.  They often hiss as a defense mechanism.  It is also common to discover baby opossums that have been separated from their mother.  When you need animal control opossum removal from your property, you must hire professional services like Snake Removal Experts or wildlife removal service providers. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Wildlife Controllers's wildlife removal services not only remove the animal, but also ensure that the animal is released securely in the wild far off from your property. For animal control opossum removal, you can rely on Wildlife Controllers throughout the Albuquerque. 

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Get Rid of Opossum Under Deck in Albuquerque

Opossums prefer to live beneath a shelter such as a shed or patio. This big marsupial is an opportunistic species that will devour and destry anything. This includes garbage cans, gardens, and compost piles. Opossums may live in your sheds or beneath porches which can be extremely dangerous for your pets. Call Wildlife Controllers to Get Rid of Opossums Under Your Deck in Albuquerque, New Mexico. To schedule, a meeting in Albuquerque to get rid of the opossum, call 877-540-4156.

Remove Possums From Your Home in Albuquerque

The term "Playing Possum" comes from the fact that this animal passes out when it feels startled or threatened.  This is a defense mechanism meant to give the false appearance of death.  In the next stage of "Playing Possum" the animal expels a disgusting odor in hopes that you will leave it alone.  The possum can be handled and transferred out of the house during this period of unconsciousness, but it is not recommended, safe or pleasant.        Wildlife Controllers services successfully remove all vermin in Albuquerque . Ptofessionals are ready to assist with Animal Control Opossum Removal Services. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, call Wildlife Controllers at 877-540-4156 for removing possums from your home.  In Albuquerque, New Mexico. Wildlife Controllers offers a team of highly trained experts to take on all of your opossum problems.

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Trained professionals can easily remove opossums from your home without causing any significant damage to your property. Opossums should be removed as they pose a threat to your pets and family. To Get Rid of Opossums in The Garden Humanely in Albuquerque seek professional help. Contact Wildlife Controllers for best results in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Call 877-540-4156 to schedule an appointment with wildlife removal experts.


Opossums FAQ for Albuquerque

What do opossums eat, anyway?

Opossums are omnivores who eat a variety of animal and plant material. Opossums are primarily scavengers, eating dead animals and plant material. However, they also love insects and sometimes hunt small animals like chickens and snakes. Opossums don't have a preference for food and will eat almost any food, even table scraps and carrion. Opossums do have a special fondness for ticks, especially black-legged ticks such as deer ticks. As you can see they are not picky eaters.

Are opossums dangerous for pets?

Opossums may eat small animals such as reptiles, amphibians, mice, and young kittens if they have no other food. Opossums will leave larger animals alone, and are more likely to be injured by a full-grown cat or dog than to cause injury to them. They are not likely to fight, despite their fearsome displays if threatened. Instead, they will flee or play dead.

What sounds do Opossums make?

Because they are usually very quiet, you probably have never heard an opossum making a sound before. They do make a few distinct calls. Young opossums make clicking noises and sneezes to call their mother. During mating season, males make the same clicking sounds. If an opossum feels threatened, it may growl or hiss.

Where do Opossums live?

Opossums prefer deciduous forests with water sources nearby, such as streams or swamps. However, they are adaptable and can survive in many climates and habitats. The most important elements of a possum's habitat are food, water, and shelter. Opossums can't build their own dens so they shelter in existing animal burrows and hollow logs.

How fast are Opossums?

You might have seen an opossum play and thought it was a clumsy little creature. Opossums are excellent tree climbers. They have sharp claws, opposable thumbs and a prehensile tail that allows them to scale trees and hang onto branches. Opossums are so fond of trees that they nest in hollows. Their most well-known defense mechanism is "playing possum," which is similar to playing dead. The mechanism isn’t actually the opossum pretending. It's an involuntary response, similar to fainting, that causes the opossums to seize up. Opossums can also become catatonic, which is a condition where they bare their teeth and foam at the mouth. They may also produce foul-smelling fluids from their anal glands, mimicking sickness. An opossum can stay catatonic for up to four hours, which is a powerful deterrent against predators who prefer birds.

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